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Welcome to the Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship Application!

The Blackhawk Alumni Association (BHAA) distributes college scholarships annually to the three most deserving Illinois high school hockey players. Awards are determined from a candidate’s level of community service, volunteerism, good citizenship, academic performance as well as the hockey talent of the individual. Recipients will receive an annual $7,500.00 scholarship over four years for a total of $30,000.

Starting December 1st of each year, scholarship applications are available for online entry at Fully completed applications including letter of recommendations, and scholar essays are due no later than February 1st of each year. Original school transcripts maybe requested. A selection committee from the Blackhawk Alumni Association (BHAA) will review all of the candidates and then select the three recipients. 

Thank you to all of the High School players who take the time to submit applications. Thank you also to the coaches, managers and team/league presidents who promote and support this effort. The players really deserve it!

All Applications must be done here thru this online process.

This registration session will allow you to complete all aspects of the application. Applicants will be able to log in and return to their online registration application to make changes. All changes will be locked and online applications must be by complete by Feb. 1, 11:59PM. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration application to: JJ O'Connor

Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship Criteria & Eligibility Requirements


  1. The scholarship award is available to both male and female applicants residing in the State of Illinois.
  2. Applicant must be a member of their Illinois High School's hockey team (Varsity or Junior Varsity Level)
  3. Applicants who play non-high school hockey club hockey at the AAA or AA level are deemed ineligible unless the applicant's high school does not field a varsity level program, in which case they will be deemed eligible
  4. Applicant must be applying and planning to attend college as a full time university student in the school year following the award. For those students who plan to enter college as a freshman at the beginning of the second semester or later, a special exemption must be applied for and approved by the Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship Committee.
  5. Applicant must graduate from high school.


  1. Academic Standing, including but not limited to grades, class rank, standardized test scores, and curriculum
  2. Community and Volunteer Service
  3. Extracurricular Activities
  4. Leadership
  5. Character
  6. Financial Need
  7. Personal Essay
  8. Coaches Recommendation Letter
  9. Other Recommendations (Maximum of 2, not including coaches letter)


  1. 4 year financial award in the amount of $7,500 per year payable semi-annually in August and January
  2. Complimentary membership in the Blackhawk Alumni for the term of your college years
  3. Participation in a mentoring program with former Alumni Scholarship winners
  4. Plus Invitations and Opportunities to the following events:

♦ CBAA Family Get Together
♦ Scholarship Luncheons
♦ Scholarship Awards Night at the United Center
♦ The Stan Mikita Golf Outing
♦ Skate with the Alumni at local rinks
♦ Sit in the Alumni Suite at the United Center
♦ Attend Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Associate Meetings


  1. Maintaining a 3.0 minimum grade point average over any 2 consecutive quarters, otherwise will be placed on a probationary period at which time renewal of the scholarship will be on an annual (year by year) basis at the discretion of the Alumni Scholarship Committee.
  2. Copy of grades to be submitted to Alumni Scholarship committee at the end of each semester.

Suggested Application Timeline

  1. December 1st ⇒ Begin "Research" on all information needed for application.
  2. December 11th ⇒ Call and ask your coach and both sponsors if they would write a letter of recommendation.
  3. December 12th ⇒ Email the template Letter of Recommendation to your coach and both sponsors.
  4. December 20th ⇒ Begin your Scholarship personal information form.
    ♦ Contact all people and institutions that may hold critical information.
    ♦ Leave enough time to get GPA, Rank, SAT, and ACT info from school
  5. December 26th ⇒ Write your Scholarship Essay
  6. December 30th ⇒ Complete your Scholarship personal information.
  7. January 4th ⇒ Confirm with coach/sponsors they are sending you a signed letter of recommendation if they haven't already done so.
  8. January 22nd ⇒ Complete entire online application and review.
  9. February 1 is the deadline for your scholarship application recommendation letters & complete application.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration application to: JJ O'Connor

Online Application Instructions

This is the online application process for the Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship. Applicants must complete this online process in order to be considered for the Blackhawk Alumni Scholarship.

Applicants will have the ability to enter the information and go back and edit that information. In order to do so, the applicant must go through the online application process completely and click "Complete Registration" on the final page. At that point the information entered will be saved. You will be able to go back and edit that information. The uploads for headshot, essays, letters of recommendation, and any additional documents can be uploaded at a later date than when the applicant first submits their entry. However, uploads and all info must be completed by Feb. 1.

Each page of the online application process provides a "continue button" at the bottom of the page. You cannot continue to the next page until the required information is entered. The continue button at the bottom of each page is not a "save button," and you must go through the entire process and click the "Complete Registration" on the last page for your entries to be saved. Once submitted you will receive an email notification that your entry was submitted.

Please click here for a PDF outlining the entire online application. You can reference the outline to prepare your information to enter through the online system.

The information entered won't be reviewed until the application process closes. So any information you enter and then edit (up until February 1 at 11:59 PM) won't be reviewed for consideration until the entire application process is closed.

To return to your application for editing, please follow these instructions:

Login to your account on the BHAA site.  From there, click on your user dashboard to access the "Registration" section and then edit your answers.

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select your Dash Board
Step 3: Select Registration
Step 4: Find the Registration you need to edit
Step 5: Edit Player Information